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People power is at the heart of what we do and is vital to our success. Our ambition is to radically change the way the world works, and how wild and animals are treated. We have no time to lose.

Logging onto the Web Site, any nature lover is privileged to get the free membership of this organization by uploading a photographs of any acceptable identity and a separate passport size photograph and then filling up an application online. Members herein are authorized to become wild Like Promoters (WLP), service of which is a voluntarily that could be implemented in any forest in Sri Lanka. Maintenance and development of forest cover, securing the freedom for the wild lives, providing necessary treatments for the wild lives suffering from injuries and various illnesses and looking them after until they recover well are the foremost voluntary services required to be organized by the nature loving WLPs, prior approvals for which required to be obtained from the regulatory authorities are handled by this organization.

Members wish to experience the glamour of forests are provided with facilities absolutely on discounted rates fixed for transport and accommodation in hotels, motels and cabanas.

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