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Wild Like Organization (W.L.O)


Is a Non-Government Organization incorporated as Guaranteed Limited Entity under the Companies Act in Sri Lanka for the worldwide nature lovers to protect the environment initially in Sri Lanka. Without the wild lives, no forests can be retained and at the same time, no one can live without the forests. In view of the foregoing, it become extremely necessary to retain both the wild lives and the forests. unlike us, wildlife or its habitant cannot voice out and demand for its needs, therefore the members of the nature lovers herein are dedicated to fulfil such requirements.

Sri Lankan forest cover and the wild life therein are being deteriorated day by day. May be due to many reasons, regulatory authorities are reluctant to do their part consequent to which forests and wild lives are in endanger. This exercise is to open the eyes of the regulatory authorities responsible for saving the nature, to maintain and develop the existing forest cover and to secure the freedom for the wild lives therein in the forests.

Logging onto the Web Site, any nature lover is privileged to get the free membership of this organization by uploading a photograph of any acceptable identity and a separate passport size photograph and then filling up an application online. Members herein are authorized to become wild Like Promoters (WLP), service of which is a voluntarily that could be implemented in any forest in Sri Lanka. Maintenance and development of forest cover, securing the freedom for the wild lives, providing necessary treatments for the wild lives suffering from injuries and various illnesses and looking after them until they recover are the foremost voluntary services required to be organized by the nature loving WLPs. Prior approvals which are required to be obtained from the regulatory authorities are handled by this organization.

Message from the CEO

The forest cover in Sri Lanka is deteriorated day by day due to human activities. Under the present crisis of the country, people are allowed do agriculture anywhere they desire. While they are doing so, they find additional income from the sale of wood extracted from the forest and from the sale of flesh of the wild animal hunt therein.

Farmers also use pesticides, weedicide and agro chemicals in their farming pattern resulting the loss of environmental friendly insects and other wildlife essentially required for balancing the forest activities. Accordingly, the wildlife and their habitants are being depreciated and therefore some wildlife come out from the jungle and enter the home gardens and other human dominated landscapes in search of food, water and new habitants where they destroy everything. Such wild lives are also being killed by the people to protect themselves and their crops. People also trend of eating flesh of wild animals.

Predominantly because of the above reasons, the global human-wildlife coexistence is under pressure and forests are in danger. If there is no wildlife, the forest can’t exist. When there is no forest, people may die without oxygen and everything would be destroyed by increasing the global warming. To decrease this problematic, we engage with domestic as well as foreign communities and the government to moderate the destruction and establish conditions for peaceful coexistence between the human being and the wildlife and for the conservation of the forests.

Our team consisting with nature passionate expertise is enthusiastic and highly encouraged for developing and leveraging all the tools and methods needed to create actionable perceptions for the forest conservation and for the wildlife protection. In concluding, it is my sincere hope that there should be further exchanges of ideas between the nature lovers of Sri Lanka and overseas through the Wild-Like for strengthening the global human-wildlife coexistence and consecrate the forests for producing oxygen for human being and animals.

The only way to make this happened is to take action!

People power is at the heart of what we do and is vital to our success. Our ambition is to radically change the way the world works, and how wild and animals are treated. We have no time to lose.